Importance of Agriculture Development

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Agriculture Sector is a very vital sector of many countries economy. Farming is differentiated by cultural, climate, requirements and methods. After the Industrial revolutions, there are many changes in technologies in agriculture sector which has increased the yields but also have affected the ecological balances and also degrade the water resource and land.

Use of pesticides, fertilizers, chemicals, and genetically grown organisms are used for farming is creating harmful effects and these have got banned in some countries. As per UN report, agriculture is main source for income and employment for 70% of poor people.

Agricultural Development can be seen in three stages:

  • Pre-Green Revolution Stage: Before 1960 – There was sharp increase in productivity of grains and pulses per unit of land.
  • Green Revolution Stage: Mid of 1960’s to mid of 1980’s – Expansion of farming areas and increase in production of Wheat and Rice. Expansion on Research on agriculture and infrastructure establishment.
  • Post-Green revolution Stage: Mid of 1980’s to 2000 – Main Emphasis is given on using fertilizers and chemicals and high labour intensity in increasing the productivity.


Agricultural developments require largest initiatives to increase the production without affecting the other resources.

  1. Communicate to farmers and show concern to their needs: - We should communicate to farmers about crops they grow and wanted to grow and show concern towards the challenges face by them in growing crops. Also, we should try to provide solutions to their quarries.
  2. Research and development: - Support research works for developing more productive and nutritious varieties of crops grown. Crops varieties included must be adapted to local conditions which can give benefits, increasing the yields, consisted of better nutrition. Research should be done to manage soil and water facilities and avoid damage causing threads due to diseases and pests.
  3. Agriculture Policies: - Major step is required in this direction. Policies should be made upon the data collected from various different areas and should not be same for all areas. The emphasis of these policies should be such that to provide maximum benefit to the farmers.
  4. Reach of Market to the Farmers: - Help must be provided to farmers for reaching the market and selling their crops at correct value. Market reach is also required for providing them information regarding new seeds, technologies and making these available to them at minimal rates.

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This website includes resources for starting an agricultural enterprise, where you can purchase locally grown fruits, vegetables and meats, natural resource information, an events calendar and much more. Browse our pages and if you can’t find what you need please feel free to contact us.

NY Beef Quality Assurance Program

Beef Quality Assurance (BQA) is a voluntary program focused on training cattle producers in feeding, management and breeding practices that assures the consumer that they are producing safe, wholesome beef of the highest quality. It is based on national guidelines and scientific research with the purpose of enhancing carcass quality and safety, thereby protecting the consumer confidence in our beef supply.

BQA Certification

Producers can obtain BQA certification by completing the following requirements:

  1. Attend a classroom training and/or self-study to satisfactorily pass a written test
  2. Attend a chute side training
  3. Establish a Veterinary/Client/Patient Relationship
  4. Signing a BQA contract

Topics covered during the certification process include safe handling of health care products, injection site location, increasing the effectiveness of vaccines, reducing drug residues, safe animal handling, animal welfare and record keeping. Currently, cattle that are properly vaccinated and managed are worth more to the owner due to increased sale weight. Increasingly the market place is seeking cattle that have been raised using BQA principals and eventually, this will lead to higher prices for cattle from BQA certified producers.